Elias LLC Announces $23.71 Million Settlement for Severely Injured Infant

Elias LLC’s Richard M. Elias finalized a $23.71 million settlement for an injured infant and his family. The case involved a boating accident in Missouri where the infant suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

The settlement was recently featured in Missouri Lawyers Media:

Richard M. Elias of Elias LLC who litigated the case… said the settlement would provide the family with just compensation for their loss and ensure that the infant’s substantial lifecare needs will be met.

“Unfortunately for the family, their lives have been changed forever,” he said.

Although he declined to describe the exact circumstances of the incident, Elias said the case involved claims of negligence and product liability against the driver, the boat’s manufacturer and a component part manufacturer.

Elias said the infant suffered an impact to the head that left him with a bilateral skull fracture and excessive brain swelling. He said the child was left noncommunicative and will likely require 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

A link to the Missouri Lawyers Media article can be found here.

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